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Most Corporate and Community organizations desire to accumulate profits for owners and investors. Nonprofit organizations, on the other hand, exist to serve individuals and groups within these same communities that are disadvantaged and in need. Desiring to live in a world where communities take a more social impactful role with the children in their cities and towns is why Forces For Kids was founded.

Nonprofit organizations require the ability to have an audience that can get behind their mission. They need to find ways to spread their message to a community of socially active and responsible people. We have the skills and talent in web design, application and software development, consulting, and marketing to communicate your cause. Due to our backgrounds and higher mission, here at Forces for Kids we want the great privilege of assisting and working with children organizations everywhere .

Years of experience, along with skill, have helped Forces For Kids become what we are today-a leading web solution firm for nonprofits. Our tools and solutions are tested vehicles to deliver the messages of nonprofit organizations to donors, volunteers, and those in need. Each member of the Forces For Kids team is experienced and dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and success.

Why work with us?

We are committed the lives of children and communities everywhere. Our passion and commitment comes from the ability to understand the needs of children and to work with the nonprofits that support our mission.

How to help improve education?

Want to help improve education? We need to first make a difference where it all starts in the classroom. We all need to get behind our teachers and morally, financially, and diplomatically support the single most influential people that teach our children.

How do I get our nonprofit on your Charity List?

Forces for Kids is an independent company that evaluates children’s charities in the communities in which you live. Our goal is to evaluate each charity for its measureable role in the direct involvement and the solving of social issues in the lives of children. To advance to our philanthropic marketplace, you must first fit into one of our categories: Education, Health and Nutrition, Sports, and Child Welfare.

How do we help the corporations?

We work directly with local and national corporations to educate them on the need for social impact. We look at their budgets and help make decisions with them to qualify the needs of charities directly that will get the most out of their donation. We become part of their team as we handle the due diligence of offering our services to make sure the giving they partake in aligns with their goals and mission.

How do we help the communities?

We work within communities by aligning ourselves up with the leaders and organizations that are currently active and making a difference. We also take to social media, blogs, and the news to call attention to our cause and the social problems that exist. We want to make sure communities are aware of these problems and that it is everyone’s responsibility to step up and protect our children and our future.

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